If you have bartending skills and enjoy an on-call schedule, this job is for you! Fill in at Bar Harbor and Balcony Bar in case a scheduled volunteer is unable to make their shift. Please note: this is not the same as "bar back," but rather a wonderful crew that is available to fill in at a bar if needed. You do not need to check in at the Volunteer Tent for these shifts; however, you must be 21+, reachable by cell phone, and within 10 minutes of Festival grounds during your shift. Please read the Bar Harbor and Balcony Bar job descriptions before signing up to be part of the Bar Backup Crew!

Since this job runs on an on-call basis, it does not count towards the 12 hour minimum for receiving a 3-day Festival pass and a volunteer t-shirt. 

This Job has no upcoming Shifts.  First Shift:

Thank you for signing up to volunteer.